Welcome to Tantricity

We believe that to truly experience the transcendental tantric experience, we must immerse ourselves in Tantra, so this site is dedicated to the following spheres in relation to Tantra:

  • Buddhism
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Human interaction

We sell books, dvds and other tantric material and we have a club to teach people the Tantric way.

On hearing the word Tantric, many people think about sex. A good love life is an important part of Tantra, but to truly experience mind-blowing sex, it is important that other aspects of Tantra are observed. Adhering to Buddhist practice makes a person more grounded, more compassionate and more considerate. Practising Yoga makes a person more flexible and energetic. Practising Tantric Massage is all about giving to another human being. Tantric practitioners recognise that achieving a single orgasm is really quite boring and that through love, respect, compassion and good physical health, multiple orgasms can be achieved.

We have a system of initiation into our club whereby men are initiated and taught by a master. The initiation involves being taught aspects of Buddhism, Yoga and Massage (female massage models required). When they are ready, each man will initate a woman by earning her respect. The man and woman will then develop together. When they are ready, each couple will meet up with other couples so that they can develop as a group - this does not need to have any sexual connotation and all boundaries will be fully respected.



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